16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Court 1
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Court 3
16-01-2017 ..... 13:00John Higgins vs Mark Allen
16-01-2017 ..... 12:50Petr David vs Jakub Folwarski
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Court 4
16-01-2017 ..... 13:00Juan Pablo C-Garcia / Jaime Fermosell vs Pedro M Portero / Ricardo Ojeda Lara
16-01-2017 ..... 13:00Ignacio B Alia / Barney Fitzpatrick vs Fabio Mercuri / Luca Pancaldi
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Court 5
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Court 2
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, Simulcast
16-01-2017 ..... 11:30Kunlun Red Star vs Dynamo Riga
16-01-2017 ..... 13:00SNOOKER::Higgins, John - Allen, Mark
16-01-2017 ..... 13:30Josef Simoncik vs Miroslav Horejsi
16-01-2017 ..... 05:00Australian Open, First Round
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